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  Ansuya - Magic Of Belly Dance (DVD)

DV4188     € 27,99        Warenkorb 

Datum der Veröffentlichung: 15.10.07

Label: Ansuya Productions


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Magic Of Belly Dance (DVD)

“Let me show you how to transform yourself into a beautiful Bellydancing Goddess!

If you are a woman of any dance level, age, body type or background then you are ready for this DVD! Women of all levels welcome!

In this DVD I will teach you how to set an exotic mood inyour home, enjoy a mystical bath, apply mesmerizing make up, create a dazzling costume and perform a sensual dance routine!

Thousands of women like yourself are enjoying the benefits of this ancient art that has become a modern trend.

Let me show you how to put the magic back into your home, body and spirit with The Magic of Bellydance!” (Ansuya)

Bonus features include performances and interviews with Ansuya and friends!

Running time: approx. 80 min.

Format: NTSC / Region Code Free

The music used on this DVD is Entrance of the Stars from the Bellydance Superstars Vol.2 CD.

Rubrik: Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


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