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  Dr. Samy Farag - Arabian Melodies (DVD)

DV4001     € 24,99       into cart 

Release Date: 01.11.03

Label: Hollywood Music Center


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Dr. Samy Farag
Arabian Melodies (DVD)

These music videos present dynamic performances by the beautiful & talented Dancers SULAILA SALIMPOUR, ALIA, SAHRA, SHADIAH, & a duet with VIVIAN & MICHELLE!
In many authentic Egyptian styles, as well as Greek & Lebanese, the orchestral music & belly dance captivates with its graceful movements & intriguing rhythms!
With 5 full Shows in all, including Interactive Menu & The Dancers' stories
A beautiful Study of this sensuous Art Form!

Music on this DVD available on CD "Arabian Melodies"

All zones: This DVD has been mastered to play in every system including NTSC, PAL, & SECAM

Suhaila Salimpour Performs to "Soukara".
Alia - Performs with Candelabra to "Fantasy Dance".
Sahra - Performs to "Amani".
Shadiah - Performs to "A Dance from Hollywood".
Vivian and Michelle - Perform "Fantasy Dance".

Category: Oriental, Belly Dance, DVD


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