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 really russian !!! 

Trio Scho - Transit

Trio Scho

Russischer Swing, wodkageschwängert! Unser Anspiel-Tip: Track 9: die neue schräge Hymne auf Berlin...    soundfiles
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Phil Thornton & Fat Chance Belly Dance - Nexus Tribal

Phil Thornton & Fat Chance Belly Dance
Nexus Tribal

Available again: produced in cooperation with FAT CHANCE BELLY DANCE ! One of our Tribal Dance Hit-CDs of the year 2011...    Soundfiles
€ 17,99 cart


Kevin Johansen - Sur O No Sur

Kevin Johansen
Sur O No Sur

So kreativ und locker-latin-leicht, daß man sich sofort einen Schaukelstuhl herbeiwünscht und sich nach dem Sommer zurücksehnt.    more
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 Sabuha on DVD 

Sabuha Shanaz - Fire And Soul Of Oriental Dance (DVD)

Sabuha Shahnaz      DVD: The Best Of Fire And Soul Of Oriental Dance

12 Fabulous Solo performances in traditional and contemporary style. The glamorous, dedazzling costumes and unique choreographies will fascinate and compell. A high quality film documentation of both - live performances and studio cuts. This powerful dance unveils the ancient pulse of the orient period ...    more
Special price:  € 22,99                  shopping cart

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