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Bellydance Superstars
Bombay Bellywood: Live In Los Angeles
Show DVD
DV4453     25,99 Euro
For this DVD, the internationally acclaimed troupe added an array of exciting Indian dance styles, including Bollywood and Bhangra, into their already varied mix of Bellydance styles that range from Egyptian Cabaret to American Tribal styles...
Running-Time: 101 min.

Various Artists
Tribal Renaissance
Show DVD
DV4452     24,99 Euro
American Tribal Style Belly Dance has intrigued audiences worldwide for decades. The combination of traditional folkloric dances with belly dance and modern dance forms has given birth to a colorful subculture. Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance promotes creativity and embraces diversity. Tribal costumes, movements and music range from folk and traditional to urban and modern, giving the artists great freedom of expression and keeps the style ever evolving. Tribal Renaissance showcases some of the most popular and respected names in this genre performing to eclectic music from Mosavo, Drumspyder, Knossos, Maduro and more!
Running-Time: 55 min.
01 Zoe Jakes: Welcome Ceremony
02 Susan Frankovich: Across The Bosphorus
03 Frederique: Drum Seduction
04 Princess Farhana: Lonely Star By The Sea
05 Ava Fleming: Uncovered Ecstasy
06 Mira Betz: Rumi’s Passion
07 The Nekyia: Pure Catnip
08 Elizabeth Strong: Istanbul Cingene
09 Sashi: Black Bedouin
10 Jill Parker: Lamma Bada
11 Kami Liddle: Drum Roots
12 Monica Fernandez: Sekmetron

Various Artists
The Sensual Art Of Belly Dance
Show DVD
DV4451     24,99 Euro
Be mesmerized by the world’s most sensual dance! The Sensual Art of Bellydance features performances from some of the biggest names in bellydance, featuring music from master musicians: Sami Nossair Orchestra, Setrak Sarkissian, Hamouda Ali, Al-Ahram Orchestra, Mosavo and more.
Running-Time: 56 min.
01 Olu: Across the Bosphorus
02 Ava Fleming: Eftetah Nahawand
03 Nalini: Ishtaktillak Remixed
04 Nathalie: Betwans Beek
05 Jamileh: The Magic Drum
06 DaVid of Scandinavia: Ala Warag Il Foull
07 The Shimmy Sisters: Serpent’s Rapture
08 Zaheea: Ya Bahiyya
09 Sandra: Amel
10 Willow: Banat Eskandaria
11 Bellyqueen: Jil Al Hadis
12 Aziza: Tabla Shaker

Sahira & Silvia Salamanca
Spanish Gypsy Passion
A Skirt Dance For Solo Or Duet
Instructional DVD
DV4450     25,99 Euro
Learn a fiery Spanish Gypsy skirt piece that can be performed as a solo or as a sassy duet. International instructors Sahira and Silvia Salamanca join forces in this exciting instructional video.
Running-Time: 130 min

Enchanting Bellydance Choreography
Instructional DVD
DV4449     24,99 Euro
Sandra has enchanted audiences around the world with her exquisite technique, musical interpretation and masterful choreographies. You will learn technique and combinations with Egyptian styling, then put it all together to create an entire choreography to Yasamina by the famed Al-Ahram Orchestra. Also included is a performance of the full choreography and a bonus performance by Sandra to Betwans Beek by Setrak Sarkissian.
Running-Time: 100 Min.

Ava Fleming
Mystic Moves: Bellydance Technique & Combination
Instructional DVD
DV4448     24,99 Euro
Ava Fleming’s dynamic technique, focus on isolations, and musical interpretation have captivated audiences around the world. Renowned for her precise, sultry and sensual movements, Ava now shares these secrets with you so you can add more depth and dimension to your next performance. Let Ava teach you how to make Bellydance technique mystical and fluid, then create combinations and mini-choreographies to enhance your dance!
Running-Time: 124 Minutes
Basic Moves Turn Mystic   02 Mystic Spice   03 Simply Mystic
04 Sugar & Spice   05 Continuous Combos: 194   06 Continuous Combos: Sidewinder
07 Continuous Combos: Red Wine   08 Snack Size: Professor   09 Snack Size: Carousel
10 Snack Size: Pendergest   11 Snack Size: Bambi   12 Snack Size: Aurora
13 Snack Size: Hera   14 Lead & Follow   15 Performance

Issam Houshan
Issam Houshan & The Damascus Bellydance Orchestra
Oriental Dance & Percussion CD
CN01057     17,99 Euro
When Syria's top musicians band together to create a virtual super group directed by the world's top Middle Eastern drum percussionist, you know it’s going to be good. No wonder the Bellydance Superstars chose to incorporate many of the songs into their current touring show. A dancer always looks great when she dances to great music and here it is on this CD. Recorded in Damascus - a great listen as you cruise down the highway or as you cruise along the dance floor to a cheering crowd.
Wahashtony (Medley Warda)
02 Makally We Koltelo (Medley Farid)
03 Tokmor Al Ras Woalain (Medley Farid)
04 Anta Omri (Medley Om Kalthoum)
05 Gana Al Hawa (Medley Abd Al Halim)
06 Alf Layla We Layla (Medley Om Kalthoum)
07 Tobah (Medley Abd Al Halim)
08 Ay Dama'it Hozn (Medley Abd Al Halim)
09 Nequsem Al Amar (Walid Tawfiq)
10 Gawaly Issam Houshan

Raquy & The Cavemen
Oriental Dance & Percussion CD
CN01056     17,99 Euro
Saiidi Medley   02 Obama Ayub   03 Metal
04 Dahlradia   05 Maksum Madness   06 Sexy Chifteteli
07 Mukeka   08 Axarai   09 Karsilamagic   10 Bewitched
11 Moody Masmudi   12 Besh

Najwa Karam
Haleila Ma Fi Noum
Oriental Pop CD
CN01051     17,99 Euro
Ma Fi Noum   02 Ya Baye
03 Shou Haleily   04 Tama'atak   05 Dalal
06 Einy Bi Einak   07 Ya Baya'a El Yanassib
08 Law Bass Tearaf

Bahaa Sultan
We Malna
Oriental Pop CD
CN01053     17,99 Euro
Ta'ala   02 Ana Mousamem
03 El Warda   04 Albi Anani   05 Khaletni Akhaf
06 Bossa   07 Ana   08 100-100   09 Zay Ma Ehna
10 Tebqa Enta Elli Leya   11 We Malna

Tamer Hosni
Elly Gai Ahla
Oriental Pop CD
CN01050     17,99 Euro
Elly Gai Ahla   02 Erfet Teghayar Men Nafsaha
03 Aklemha   04 Dayman Ma'ak   05 Elly A'ada A'ada
06 Mayhonsh A'alaya   07 Kammel Lewahdak
08 Matesa'alnesh   09 Agmal hedeya   10 Ertah
11 Kol Yom Ahebo Tani   12 Sa'edny Ansak
13 Wala Teswa El Donia   14 Ana Masry

The Best Of Haifa
Oriental Pop CD
CN01052     17,99 Euro
Sama'ani   02 Sawa   03 Bint El Wadi
04 Bous El Wawa   05 Badi Eish   06 Sexy Lady
07 Habibi Ana   08 Taffi El Nar   09 Mosh Adrah Astana
10 Milluin Ihssas   11 Ya Hayat Albi   12 Ya Ibn El Halal
13 Tiji Ezzay   14 Bilghi Kel Mawaeadi   15 Tesmahli Adala'ak
16 Khayna   17 Ragab   18 Albi Hab   19 Ayami

Candan Ercetin
Turkish Pop / French Chanson CD
CN01054     14,99 Euro
01 Ali (Entarisi Ala Benziyor)
02 L'Aveugle (Memleketim)
03 Volage Volage (Dünya Dönüyor)
04 Les Mouettes De Mikonos (Deniz ve Mehtap)
05 Tombe La Neige (Her Yerde Kar Var)
06 Quec'est Triste (Üç Kalp)
07 Sans Toi Je Suis Seul (Sessiz Gemi)
08 Tu Te Reconnaitras (Göreceksin Kendini)
09 On S'Embrasse Et On Oublie (Hosgörsen)
10 Car Je Veux (Karlar Düser)
11 C'est Ecrit Dans Le Ciel (Bak Bir Varmis Bir Yokmus)
12 Cen'est Rien (Yalanmis)
13 Pourquoi Parler D'Amour (Selam Söyle)
14 Istanbul

Ajda Pekkan
Farkin Bu
Turkish Pop CD
CN01055     14,99 Euro
01 Yakar Geçerim   02 Heves   03 Farkin Bu
04 Yine Tek   05 Arada Sirada (Nencho Version)
06 Hadi Gel   07 Özetle   08 Asla
09 Ucuz Roman [feat. Yüksek Sadakat]
10 Arada Sirada [Sinan Akçil, Tolga Kiliç Version]
11 Arada Sirada [Cem Iyibardakçi Version]

 Oriental Dance Highlights

Various Artists
Bellydance Superstars Vol.9
Compilation CD
CN06799     17,99 Euro
Enjoy the unforgettable sounds of Bellyhouse, and new original classical pieces by Dr. Samy Farag, and tabla master Issam Houshan. From the streets of Egypt, we bring new exciting Shaabis from Lebanon's most respected producer Said Mrad. And lastly, there's a brand new version of the old time favorite "That El Shebbak."
Cairo Cairo: Kalam El Nay
02 Bellyhouse: The Eyes of Kavita
03 Mohammed Nour: El Ghazala
04 Dr. Ami Farag: Howa Habibi
05 Essam Karika: That El Shabbak
06 Said Mrad: Bent El Chalabiya
07 Hegazy Met'al: Meen Gallo
08 Ahmed Qawala: Accordion To Mr. Nay
09 Hegazy Met'al: Salam
10 Issam Houshan & The Damascus Bellydance Orchestra: Gawaly
11 Galactic Caravan: Thoughts & Prayers
12 Youness: Ramdane
13 Galactic Caravan: Raqs Nay

Masters Of Egyptian Choreography
4 Track Companion CD
CN06798     12,99 Euro

Companion CD for the following DVDs / Musik-Soundtrack zu den folgenden DVDs:

Randa Kamal
Masters Of Egyptian Choreography Vol.1
Instructional DVD
DV4434     27,99 Euro
Diana Tarkhan
Masters Of Egyptian Choreography Vol.2
Instructional DVD
DV4435     27,99 Euro
Masters Of Egyptian Choreography Vol.3
Instructional DVD
DV4436     27,99 Euro

TARAB by Safaa Farid
Oriental Dance CD
CN06796     17,99 Euro
Tarab is produced by Leila of Cairo featuring Safaa Farid singing classic Egyptian songs for bellydance in the Tarab style. Safaa Farid has been singing with belly dancers in Egypt for over 25 years. His recordings are some of the most recognized and cherished by dancers throughout the world. This is Leila's 4th album - recorded in Cairo right after the revolution.
Ben Aleya Hoboo (Negat)
02 Wahashtini (Soad Mohamed)
03 Ekdeb Aleyk (Warda)
 04 Kamel el Awsaf (Abdel Halim Hafez)
05 Tisel Ley Aleya (Faiza Akmed)
06 Al Helwa wa Mora (Abdel Ghani Saeed)
 07 Fi Yom Wa Leyla (Warda)
 08 Enta Mein (Mohamed Rushdi)
09 Hiyart Elbi Ma’ak (Om Kalsoum)

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